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Reaching and Lifting Hearts Through Song- by Carla Nilsen

Hymnal Collage

Have you ever had your teenager rush to the piano to open your hymnal and excitedly show their friends a new hymn?  Well, with this new, wonderful new hymnal, that has happened at my house.  More than once, Ryan has enthusiastically showed more than one of his friends his new favorite hymn lyrics.  It’s Community of Christ Sings number #340, “We are Children of Creation”.  His favorite line is “We are children of creation, star flung bits of living fire, creatures with imagination, framed with passion and desire…” As you can imagine, this gives my mamma heart joy!  I too love the […]

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Why Church? – by Dale Beerbohm

Our homework last Sunday @ Church was the question, “Why do I go to Church? I have different reasons: to hear the word, every Person @ Church has a perspective on the Bible that I didn’t think of, to Praise God, Fellowship & get help putting on My Armor when it gets to heavy for Me. – Why Church? – by Dale Beerbohm

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