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Why Church? – by Roberta LaHue Brown

In my years of attending church, I have had many wonderful relationships.  Some have been friends, some have been mentors, some teachers, others family, some all of these things in one.  I met my husband in church.  My children attend church with me and are learning about and praising God right beside me.  But my biggest reason for going to church is that attending devotes time to my relationship with God and the others I encounter.  Being intentional keeps me focused on the purpose of all this.  Intentional means ‘done with purpose.’  Forming ‘intentional relationships’ is one of the reasons […]

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“Let Your Light Shine” – by Nicholas Carroll

When I saw that the theme for the February 9th, 2014 service was “Let Your Light Shine”, I knew that I wanted to plan this service because a decade ago, in 2004, my favorite blues singer Keb’ Mo’ had released a peppy blues song entitled “Let Your Light Shine” and the first time I heard it, I knew that I wanted to use it in a worship service one day. However, as that day drew closer, the Portland metro area was hit with a rare winter storm that made traveling outside a dangerous trek, so the service was cancelled. Since […]

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