Our Faith

Community of Christ

Community of Christ is an international Christian church with 250,000 members found in more than fifty nations. Our International Headquarters, including a Temple dedicated to the pursuit of peace, is located in Independence, Missouri.

We Offer . . .
  • a community of people where the gospel of Jesus Christ is the focus of worship, learning, caring, and mission.
  • an opportunity for genuine spiritual growth and relationship with the Holy Spirit.
  • local congregations where deep friendships are established, individual ideas are valued, and where those special needs find security, care, and support.
  • a faith community that encourages the ministry of all people, including children and youth.
  • a global community with a worldwide mission that values all cultures and celebrates the rich diversity of human life.
  • meaningful opportunities to serve Jesus Christ by helping others and promoting peace.

While Community of Christ is a non-creedal church, as part of a world wide, collective body we share common ideas, enduring principles, and a mission. Click on our name above to find out more about our world-wide community.