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“Fulfill All Righteousness” – by Margaret Carpenter

“Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your soul, your strength and your might.”  “If you love me you will keep my commandments.”   These verses reflect today’s theme.  The Psalm of Lament (Psalm 1:5) spoke to me because my soul thirsts for God and when I do he always answers me.  This service reminded me that “no one is righteous, no not one.”  But to strive to be Christ like and to be still and look to God first for peace.  What this theme meant to me is that God is love and peace and that […]

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Modern Day Psalms

This morning during the 11 am worship time, we were all invited to immerse ourselves in Psalms.  We read them, sang, them and even wrote some of our own.  Below are some of the psalms written from the memories, experiences, and trials of our members and friends: “Your river of peace flows before my eyes and into my soul. These days it is a magnificent swirling, spraying blast that rolls right over the giant rocks of sorrow I bear. Other days it is my calming friend, bringing God’s grace and goodness as I stand by its edge, washing downstream my […]

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