If you would truly be Community of Christ, then embody and live the concerns and passion of Christ. – Doctrine and Covenants 164:9d

Tuality Community of Christ is striving to be led by the spirit as we approach mission and the ministries we offer to the community.  We cannot be all things to all people, but we can discern where God is calling us and put our effort and energies towards those tasks.  We are endeavoring to live by the following principles:

  • Mission begins with encounter.
  • Mission is relational.
  • Mission is disruptive.
  • Mission is risking something new.
  • Mission is contextual.
  • Mission is a unique expression of giftedness and calling.
  • Mission is a long journey in the same direction.

The ministries we offer are an attempt to listen to the call and movement of the Spirit.  They will grow and change as we move forward and more fully understand how we can live deeply into the mission and passions of Christ.

If you are looking for a form of ministry that we currently do not have capacity for with just our congregational resources and members, please see the community “Resources” tab.  It is important for us to work with other community organizations and programs to meet the needs of all we encounter.  TCC strives and supports an ecumenical and community focused approach to mission.