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Why Church? – Anonymous Responses

WHY CHURCH? Anonymous Responses from March 16, 2014 Worship Service 1 Reorient personal perspectives Closer relationships with other members Gain scriptural knowledge in context of “community” Experience God’s presence   2 To keep one focused on God & blessings To give one hope To relate with people there To feel wanted and loved (acceptance) To broaden outlook on the world To bring our cares and needs and share them To help where we can at church and in our communities To enjoy being with others To remember what I think is my purpose for being here   3 Helps me […]

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“Blessings of Community” – by Evelyn Buschur

“I kind of just took notes…” – Evelyn – God’s Love weaves us together – Beatitudes – basic building blocks of community Historical context: Matthew – 1 of 5 major discourses of Jesus = 5 books Torah mtn = mtn calling out specific people to be blessed – opposite of Deut.  Wealth = God’s favor, pour = God’s disfavor purity of heart – change from conventional thought Focus on what’s important in life = Community of Christ Enduring Principles True compassion for and solidarity = poor and needy Ties back to beatitudes Continuing Revelation – perhaps and additional Beatitude – […]

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