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Why Church? – Anonymous Responses

WHY CHURCH? Anonymous Responses from March 16, 2014 Worship Service 1 Reorient personal perspectives Closer relationships with other members Gain scriptural knowledge in context of “community” Experience God’s presence   2 To keep one focused on God & blessings To give one hope To relate with people there To feel wanted and loved (acceptance) To broaden outlook on the world To bring our cares and needs and share them To help where we can at church and in our communities To enjoy being with others To remember what I think is my purpose for being here   3 Helps me […]

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“Be Reconciled” – by Roberta Brown

Today’s theme (or as Erik reminded us not today’s theme but Christianity’s theme) was Be Reconciled.  During the worship, we were lead through the spiritual practice of Lecito Divina, and feasted on the words of one of our new hymns: The Weight of Past and Fruitless Guilt (Community of Christ Sings Hymn #214).   The practice lead me to engage in a much deeper way with the hymn than I would have had we simply sung through it once.  As Erik lead us through the four portions of the Lectica Devina, (Reading, Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation), I was drawn to ponder […]

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“Be Reconciled” – by Carla Nilsen

As Erik pointed out in the welcome, this theme isn’t just the theme for today, or for this month, but for our lives as Christians.  We are to be reconciled with God and with each other. The beautiful piano music by Susan and Annika towards the beginning of the worship service really helped to prepare me/us for worship.  Thanks! An uplifting prayer was given by Patricia Nilsen. As a congregation, we took extra time meditating on the Hymn #214, as we thought about forgiveness.  The phrase that spoke to me was “persistent faith unites.” Tore Nilsen, my Pappa, gave the […]

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