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A summer that’s renewing, relevant and based in relationship…

If your family is like ours, you’re starting to dream of summer plans. The spring sunlight invites us to grab our calendar and quickly fill it with plans and ideas for grand adventures. But is our church family’s calendar looking the same way? Are we looking for opportunities to participate in our church’s life with the same excitement and enthusiasm? This summer, I invite you to focus not only on schedules and ‘busy’-ness, but also on renewal, relationships and being relevant. Many of us find these opportunties through communal worship in our faith community. How can you help provide worship […]

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Reaching and Lifting Hearts Through Song- by Carla Nilsen

Hymnal Collage

Have you ever had your teenager rush to the piano to open your hymnal and excitedly show their friends a new hymn?  Well, with this new, wonderful new hymnal, that has happened at my house.  More than once, Ryan has enthusiastically showed more than one of his friends his new favorite hymn lyrics.  It’s Community of Christ Sings number #340, “We are Children of Creation”.  His favorite line is “We are children of creation, star flung bits of living fire, creatures with imagination, framed with passion and desire…” As you can imagine, this gives my mamma heart joy!  I too love the […]

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“Let Your Light Shine” – by Nicholas Carroll

When I saw that the theme for the February 9th, 2014 service was “Let Your Light Shine”, I knew that I wanted to plan this service because a decade ago, in 2004, my favorite blues singer Keb’ Mo’ had released a peppy blues song entitled “Let Your Light Shine” and the first time I heard it, I knew that I wanted to use it in a worship service one day. However, as that day drew closer, the Portland metro area was hit with a rare winter storm that made traveling outside a dangerous trek, so the service was cancelled. Since […]

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Why Church? – Anonymous Responses

WHY CHURCH? Anonymous Responses from March 16, 2014 Worship Service 1 Reorient personal perspectives Closer relationships with other members Gain scriptural knowledge in context of “community” Experience God’s presence   2 To keep one focused on God & blessings To give one hope To relate with people there To feel wanted and loved (acceptance) To broaden outlook on the world To bring our cares and needs and share them To help where we can at church and in our communities To enjoy being with others To remember what I think is my purpose for being here   3 Helps me […]

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“Be Reconciled” – by Roberta Brown

Today’s theme (or as Erik reminded us not today’s theme but Christianity’s theme) was Be Reconciled.  During the worship, we were lead through the spiritual practice of Lecito Divina, and feasted on the words of one of our new hymns: The Weight of Past and Fruitless Guilt (Community of Christ Sings Hymn #214).   The practice lead me to engage in a much deeper way with the hymn than I would have had we simply sung through it once.  As Erik lead us through the four portions of the Lectica Devina, (Reading, Meditation, Prayer and Contemplation), I was drawn to ponder […]

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“Follow Christ” – by Doug Brown

Today’s worship really brought the spirit of connecting the old and the new.  The use of the song “The Old, Old Path” first as part of the scripture really gave me the opportunity to reflect on the words of the song.  The old version also caused me to feel the spirit that has been tied to that song since my baptism.  We also had a wonderful message which talked about people who were at one time lost and then finding Christ.  Now they are leading others to Christ.  It made me think about how I should ask others to follow […]

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