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Announcements and News Moved

In response to some feedback on the blog, specifically it’s mission and purpose, the TCC Announcements and Mission Center News Briefs are being moved to the “Events” section of our TCC Website.  This is to help the flow and layout of the website, but also to help keep the blog focused around our collective voices.  So speak up!  Share your thoughts.  Share your ideas.  Share the mission of Community of Christ here together.

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Why Church blog series begins!

In such a busy world, I often wonder why people would take the time/effort/energy to attend church on Sunday mornings.  In a world where Christian can be a dirty word, I’ve also wondered why people would bother to associate with a church at all.  Perhaps you’ve wondered the same question or a similar vein of it before.  This blog series is dedicated to letting people share their answer to the question, “Why Church?”  Check out what some of our members and friends have to say in response to: “Why do you come to church?  Why do you think church is […]

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Weekly Theme Reflection Blog Series

This set of blog posts aims to allow us to hear how worship is affecting the hearts and lives of participants, members, and friends.  Each Sunday morning, a different person is asked to write a short reflection on the worship and theme. Those reflecting were asked to use any of the following questions to guide them: What elements of the service spoke to you today?  What are you taking away from today’s service?  What is the Spirit trying to tell you?  What does today’s theme mean to you? Entries in this blog series will be title with the theme and […]

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